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Family Note:   HISTORY: Jones, William H, William Tilton: His English Origins and SomeAmerican Descendant s, Haritage Books Inc, Maryland, (1997) pg 159

Mrs. Elizabeth Towne Wentworth.
DAR ID Number: 98602
Born in Peabody, Mass.
Wife of Elmer Marston Wentworth.
Descendant of Timothy Huntting, Joseph Knight, and Ensign Josiah Tilton,as follows:
[p.188] 1. Edward Porter Towne (1832-64) m. 1857 Sarah Elizabeth Tilton(1836-87).
2. George Perley Tilton (1800-83) m. 1828 Eliza H. Dakin (1798-1848);Amos Porter Towne (1804 -68) m. 1830 Mehitable P. Knight (1805-66).
3. Josiah Tilton, Jr. (1778-1860), m. 1799 Sarah Dearborn (1778-1864);Joseph Dakin (b. 1751 ) m. 1797 Betsey Huntting (1775-1848); PhillipKnight (1779-1829) m. 1803 Rebecca Curtis (178 2-1818).
4. Timothy Huntting m. 1774 Lucy Savage; Josiah Tilton m. 1768 Sarah True(1748-94); Joseph K night m. 1769 Mehitable Putman (1747-94).
Timothy Huntting (1753-93) served as private, 1775, in Capt. AaronSmith's company, Col. Will iam Heath's regiment, Massachusetts Line. Hewas born and died in Needham, Mass.
Joseph Knight served as private, 1776, in Col. Henry Herrick's regiment,Massachusetts troops . He was born, 1744, in Middleton, Mass., and diedthere.
Josiah Tilton (1743-1820) served as ensign in Capt. Stephen Clark'scompany, New Hampshire tr oops. He was born in Kingston, N. H.; died inCornville, Me.
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The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 99
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