Family Notes


Family Note:   The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume105
page 119
[p.119] Mrs. Mildred Hillman Waters.
DAR ID Number: 104355
Born in Chilmark, Mass.
Wife of Charles F. Waters.
Descendant of Benjamin Hillman and of Levi Maxey, as follows:
1. Horace Owen Hillman (b. 1871) m. 1893 Henrietta Hillman (b. 1875).
2. Beriah T. Hillman (b. 1843) m. 1867 Abby B. Pierce (b. 1843).
3. Owen Hillman, Jr. (1804-73) m. 1828 Charlotte Tilton (1804-82); HoraceM. Pierce m. Anna H . Maxey.
4. Owen Hillman (1764-1835) m. 1795 Polly Norton (1775-1840); Henry Maxeym. Lucy French.
5. Benjamin Hillman m. 3rd 1761 Abigail Manter; Levi Maxey m. Ruth Newell.
Benjamin Hillman (1725-84) was a private in Capt. John Russell's company,raised for seacoas t defense. He was born and died in Chilmark, Mass.
Also No. 59297.
Levi Maxey (1743-1827) enlisted, 1780, from Attleborough with the sixmonths' men raised to r einforce the Continental army. He was born inAttleborough; died in Wrentham, Mass.