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Note for:   Sarah Gove,   5 Nov 1678 - Apr 1732         Index

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     NAME: Colonial Families of the United States of America, George Norbury
Mackenzie, Genealogical Publishing Cpmpany, Baltimore, 1966, Vol V. pg.465
Colonial Families of the United States of America, George NorburyMackenzie, LL.B, Volune III , Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Co,1966. page 462- 467

(1) "Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire," by Sybil Noyes,
Charles T. Libby, Walter G. Davis (Reprint 1928-1939. Genealogical Pub.Co.,
Baltimore, 1988) p.278,533. Cites: (a) Proc. Mass. Hist. Socy. 45: 232-41;
628-40. (b) The Gove Family (1922) p.16-49.
(2) "The Pioneers of Massachusetts," by Charles Henry Pope (GenealogicalPub.
Co., Baltimore, 1969; reprint, 1900) p.195.

Birth: (1) About 1639/40, s/o John Gove/Mary Shard of St. GilesCripplegate,
London, and Charlestown, Massachusetts. His baptism not found, butbrother Humphrey
baptized and buried St. Paul's Church, London, 1634, and sister Marybaptized
Sep 1641 at St. Nicholas Cole Abbey, where he mother had been alsobaptized,
and where, in 1642, his father had obtained a loan from the abbey wardensfor
transport to New England. Age 35 in Jun 1676 (b. 1641). (1,2) Age about38 in
Jan 1677/8 (b. 1640).
Death: (1) 29 May 1691.

(2) 1647/8, 22 Feb (11th mo. 1647): Will of John Gove of Charlestown,Massachusetts names
wife and sons John and Edward. Legacies to be paid out of the brass in the
house or that which is to come out of England by Mr. James Allen.
(1) Perhaps apprenticed to Mr. Samuel Hall, lawyer.
(2) 1655, 5 Dec: John Mansfield, who married the widow of John Gove of
Charlestown, joined her in paying her sons their portions of theirfather's
(1) 1657, Apr: Under age when he bought a common right in Salisbury,Massachusetts. Deed
witnessed by Mr. Samuel Hall.
(1) 1664, Apr: Bought land in Hampton, now Seabrook, New Hampshire.
(1) Before 28 Nov 1665, moved with wife Hannah to land in Hampston, now
Seabrook, New Hampshire.
(1) 1669: Mr. Samuel Hall in England named Edward Gove his generalattorney in
New England.
(1) 1674, Sep: In Boston at the court of Asst.
(1) 1678, 4 Dec: Freeman.
(1) 1679: Trial juror.
(1) Lieutenant for Hampton before New Hampshire became a Royal Province.
(1) 1680: Representative to the General Court.
(1) 1681, 21 Mar: The town of Hampton named Sergt. Joseph Dow and EdwardGove
to prepare a statement and assert their rights against Mason.
(1) 1682: Selectman.
(1) 1682, 14 Nov: Chosen by the town of Hampton, New Hampshire asRepresentative to the
Assembly after the arrival of Gov. Canfield.
(1) 1682/3, 27 Jan: Known for his leadership of a hopeless rebellionagainst
Gov. Canfield.
(1) Arrested, convicted, and sentenced to death for treason.
(1) Removed to the Tower of London.
(1) 1686, Apr: Pardoned.
(1) Returned to Hampton, New Hampshire.
(1) 1688: Selectman and on arbitration committee.
(1) 1689: Moderator.
(1) Lieutenant and representative from Hampton.
(1) 1691, 25 Jun: Estate administered in Salem, Massachusetts court onthe motion of son
John to Mr. Edward Thomas of Boston, the widow relinquishing her rights.

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Note for:   Theodate Page,   8 Jul 1675 - 14 Aug 1676         Index

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     (1) "Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire," by Sibil Noyes,
Charles T. Libby, Walter G. Davis (Reprint 1928-1939. Genealogical Pub.Co.,
Baltimore, 1988) p.523.

Birth: (1) 8 Jul 1675, d/o Thomas Page/Mary Hussey of Hampton, NewHampshire.
Death: (1) 14 Aug 1676.
(1) "Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire," by Sybil Noyes,
Charles Thornton Libby, and Walter Goodwin Davis (Genealogical Pub. Co.,
Baltimore, 1988; reprint 1928-1939) p.523,596.

Birth: (1) 14 Aug 1677, s/o Thomas Page/Mary Hussey of Hampton, NewHampshire.
Marriage to Mary Rollins: (1) 3 Jan 1701.
Death: (1) Will dtd 26 Jan 1713/4, inventory dtd 30 Mar 1714.

(1) 1713/4, 26 Jan: Wrote his will. Names wife Mary, children Thomas,Hannah,
John, Rachel, Mary.

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     Birth from web page Carolyn Montgmoery, dec 99
Joseph Fullonton, The History of Raymond, N. H.Morning Star job Printing House, Dover , NH 1875.
    Page 268/68. googlebook

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     B.H> Tiltons notes

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     Notes from Brian Kanach 14 Sept 2000..