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Note for:   Donald Stanley Graham,   ABT 1867 -          Index

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     1900; Census Place: New Orleans Ward 14, Orleans, Louisiana; Roll: 575; Page: 16A; Enumeration District: 133;

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Note for:   Federick Bozani,   19 Oct 1870 -          Index

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     1920;Census Place: Houston Ward 6, Harris, Texas; Roll: T625_1815; Page: 13A; Enumeration District: 95; Image: 68.

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Note for:   Roxianna O'Neal,   Aug 1877 -          Index

Nickname:   Roxie

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      1910; Census Place: New Orleans Ward 14, Orleans, Louisiana; Roll: T624_524; Page: 1A; Enumeration District: 0219;
1900; Census Place: Houston Ward 6, Harris, Texas; Roll: 1642; Page: 8A; Enumeration District: 66;

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Note for:   Marie Antoinette McNeally,   ABT 1879 -          Index

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     1910; Census Place: Philadelphia Ward 34, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Roll: T624_1405; Page: 16B; Enumeration District: 0813

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Note for:   Eunice Tilton,   Nov 1822 - 15 Jul 1845         Index

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     Death notices from the " Morning Star" page 336

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Note for:   Amelia H Crumb,   1826 -          Index

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p 64-65.
/1880; Census Place: Chicago, Cook, Illinois; Roll: T9_193; Family History Film: 1254193; Page: 657.4000; Enumeration District: 109; Image: 0237.

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Note for:   Abraham S Tilton,   CAL 1818 - May 1860         Index

     Place:   Beech Grove Cem, Gilmanton, Belknap, New Hampshire

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     Listed as Abraham S Felton and Excelsior S Tilton in 1850; Census Place: Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire; Roll: M432_435; Page: 58A; Image: 118.
.find a grave 52831254

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Note for:   Timothy Fowler Tilton,   CAL 1818 - 2 May 1893         Index

     Place:   Contoocook Cem

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     1870; Census Place: Hopkinton, Merrimack, New Hampshire; Roll: M593_846; Page: 358A; Image: 210; Family History Library Film: 552345.
1880; Census Place: Hopkinton, Merrimack, New Hampshire; Roll: 766; Family History Film: 1254766; Page: 353D; Enumeration District: 183; Image: 0536.
. 1850; Census Place: Hopkinton, Merrimack, New Hampshire; Roll: M432_435; Page: 147A; Image: 298.

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Note for:   John Sanborn,   ABT 1620 - 20 Oct 1692         Index

Individual Note:
     ,Baxter, James Phinney, THE PIONEERS OF MAINE AND NEW HAMPSHIRE 1623 TO 1660,Genealogical Publishing Co, INC. Baltimore, 1973. page 179.
George MacKenzie, COLONIAL FAMILIES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, VOL III Genealogical Publishing CO, Baltimore, 1966. page 463.

BIRTH-DEATH-RESIDENCES:History of Hampton Falls, Warren Brown,Manchester,
New Hampshire, 1900. Jan B, Clarke Co. page 556.
BIOGRAPHY: Gegealogy Of The Family Samborne or Samborn in England andAmerica,
1194 - 1898, Victor Channing Samborn, 1898 pg. 79
Colonial Families of the United States of America, George NorburyMackenzie, LL.B, Volune III , Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Co,1966. page 462- 467
(3,5) 1632: Came with his grandfather Rev. Stephen BATCHELOR to NewEngland.
(3) 1638: Was at Hampton, New Hampshire.
(1,5) 1640: (1) He and his brothers Stephen and William shared in theland grants of Hampton , New Hampshire. (5) Lots were granted to him inHampton, New Hampshire.
(1) 1647: His grandfather BATCHELDER settled his Hampton property on himand his posterity, h e to pay his brothers and cousin NathanielBATCHELDER 20 lbs. apiece.
(1,5) Active in the affairs of Hampton, New Hampshire. (1) Often on jury,grand jury and town committees . (5) Representative to the General Court.
(1,5) 1650: Selectman.
(4a) 1651, 14 Oct: The Massachusetts General Court ordered that "inanswer to a petition preferred by se veral of the inhabitants of Hampton,for relief in respect of unjust molestation from some pe rsons therepretending power for what they do from Mr. BATCHELOR, it is ordered, thatwhatsoe ver goods or lands have been taken away from any of theinhabitants of Hampton, aforsaid, b y Edward CALCORD or John SANBOURNE,upon pretense of being authorized by Mr. BATCHELOR, eithe r with orwithout execution, shall be returned to them from whom it was taken, &the executio n to be called in, & no more to be granted until thereappear sufficient power from Mr. BATCH ELOR to recover the same, to theCounty Courts, either of Salisbury or Hampton."
(3) 1654: Signed a petition presented to the General Court, earnestlyentreating the magistra tes to remit the punishment they imposed on Lt.Robert PIKE, who had denounced a law they ha d passed. The General Courtchose a committee to call the signers of the PIKE petitions fro m theseveral towns together to ascertain their reasons for signing thepetition. The committ ee visited the towns and held sessions, callingupon the offenders to appear before them an d justify their conduct. Hewas among those who asserted their right to petition whenever the y sawfit, and denied the right of anybody to interfere.
(3) 1654, Oct: Was among those petitioners whom the General Court orderedto be summoned to g ive bond of 10 lbs., and to give answer for hisoffence before the county courts.
(1,5) 1661: Selectman.
(1) 1664: Choses Captain for Hampton. It appeared he was not a freemanand the case was refer red to the General Court.
(1,5) 1665: Selectman.
(1) 1665, Oct: Called Ensign. Was legally chosen and confirmed Ensign ayear later.
(1,5) 1667: Commissioner to end small causes.
(1,5) 1668: Selectman.
(1,5) 1669: Commissioner to end small causes.
(1) 1679, 15 Oct: Commissioned Lieutenant.
(1,5) 1672: Selectman.
(1) 1672: Commissioner to end small causes.
(2) 1674, 25 Feb (12th mo.): John SAMBORNE, administrator of the estateof Robert and Joanna h TUCK, and John SHERBOURN, part heir to the estate,made an agreement with William, son of R obert TUCK, of Goriston, nearYarmouth, England, a son of Robert and Joannah.
(1,5) 1674-1675: Selectman.
(5) 1677: Ensign in King Philip's War.
(1,5) 1678-1679: Selectman.
(5) 1680: Lieutenant of the town guard.
(5) His will is not extant, only the closing words given in a transcripton file in the Exete r, New Hampshire probate office. It is signed JohnSAMBORNE, Senior, his marke "Jo". Wits. Nathaniel BAC HILER, WilliamMARSTON, Robert MOULTON, Hy DOW.
(5) The inventory of his estate amounted to 204 pounds, 14s., including"old Bible and othe r books

The Sanborn Family, The New England Historical and Genealogical Register For The Year 1855 Vol. IX , New England Ggenealogical Society, Samuel G. Drake Publisher, Boston, 1855. page 272-278.