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Note for:   Thomas Tilton,   4 Dec 1702 - 4 Apr 1801         Index

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FAMILY IN AMERICA, New Jersey:1939-40. p 232
HISTORY: Jones, William H, William Tilton: His English Origins and SomeAmerican Descendant s, Haritage Books Inc, Maryland, (1997) pg 91
Vital Records Of Chilmark,Massachusetts to the Year 1850, New-England Historical Genealogical Society, At the charge of the Eddy Town-Record Fund, Boston, MASS, 1904 page 33 Death page 96.
The History of Martha's Vineyard by Dr. Charles Banks: Volume III Family Genealogies: pp. 471 - 482
Compiled by Dr. Charles Banks, c. 1925. Transcribed by Karen Eddy, 1999. Prepared for the web by C. Baer, 1999
The History of Martha's Vineyard Volume I by Dr. Charles E. Banks (originally published 1911. Chapter VII (pp. 104 - 116)

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Note for:   Thomas Cram,   ABT 1563 - AFT 30 Mar 1630         Index

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     Penobscot Pioneers, Bray, Closson, Howard, by Philip Howard Gray,Penobscot Press, Camben, M E, 1992
     Walter Goodwin Davis, THE ANCESTRY OF PHOEBY TILTON 1775- 1847 WIFE OF CAPT. ABEL LUNT OF NEWBURYPORT MASSACHUSETTS, the Anthoensen Press, Portland, Maine 1947. page 46
1) "Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire," by SybilNoyes, Charles T. Libby , and Walter G. Davis (Reprint 1928-1939.Genealogical Pub. Co., Baltimore, 1988) p 169

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Note for:   Thomas Forcell,   ABT 1542 - 17 Nov 1607         Index

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     HISTORY: Jones, William H, William Tilton: His English Origins and SomeAmerican Descendant s, Haritage Books Inc, Maryland, (1997)pg 55.

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Note for:   Eva ,   Feb 1867 -          Index

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     1900; Census Place: Atlantic City Ward 3, Atlantic, New Jersey; Roll: T623_953 Page: 14A; Enumeration District: 12.

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Note for:   Sally Clifford,   21 Jan 1783 - 7 Oct 1833         Index

     Place:   Rhoades Cem, Alexanderia, Grafton, New Hampshire

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     Find A Grave Memorial# 69090814
Richard Watson Musgrove History of the town of Bristol, Grafton County, New Hampshire R. W. Musgrove,1904 , Bristol, N.H. page 425- 427..
\BIRTH: The Compendium of American Genealogy,Fredrick Virkus, Vol IV,1930,
Genealogical Publishing Co, Baltimore, 1987. pg 145.
BIRTH: New Hampshire Family Records Vol II, Willliam Copeley, Heritagebooks
inc, pg 705-07
DATES:New Hampshire Genealogical Digest 1623-1900, VOL I, Glenn C.Towle, Heritage Books, IN C. 1986. pg 249 name listed as Sarah.
HISTORY: Jones, William H, William Tilton: His English Origins and SomeAmerican Descendant s, Haritage Books Inc, Maryland, (1997) pg 131
The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume108
page 9899
Mrs. Lora Edith Brown Courser.
DAR ID Number: 107290
Born in Bristol, N. H.
Wife of Fred William Courser.
Descendant of Sherburne Tilton, Corp. Joshua French, Sergt. StephenWebster, Stephen Webster , Jr., Samuel Heath, Corp. Daniel Morse, DanielSanborn, Benjamin Prescott, John Mitchell, Jo seph Fellows, BenjaminFellows, Ebenezer Clifford, Jonathan Brown, John Hoyt and Jonathan Collins, as follows:
1. Curtis Brown (1847-71) m. 1866 Lucy A. Tilton (b. 1845).
2. Richard Brown (1807-96) m. 1831 Mary Cynthia Mitchell (1809-81); IsaacClifford Tilton (18 08-85) m. 1833 Lydia Jane Heath (1812-81).
3. Daniel Brown (1771-1860) m. 1790 Elizabeth French (1774-1832);Jonathan Tilton (1779-1870 ) m. Sally Clifford (1783-1833); Samuel Heath(1785-1874) m. 1811 Margaret Fellows (1793-1856 ); Charles Mitchell(1770-1846) m. 1796 Margaret Morse (1775-1851).
4. Jonathan Brown m. 1769 Anna Sanborn (1750-99); Benjamin Fellows m.1790 Mary Blaisdell (17 68-1800); Ebenezer Clifford m. Rhoda Elliott;Sherburne Tilton m. Hulda Prescott (1735-1823) ; Joshua French m. 1771Elizabeth Collins (1754-84); Samuel Heath m. 1782 Sarah Webster (1763-1839); Daniel Morse m. 1766 Miriam Hoyt (1746-1812); John Mitchell m.1767 Lydia Johnson (d . 1807).
[p.98] 5. Stephen Webster, Jr., m. 1762 Hannah Dolbin; Daniel Sanborn m.1st 1748 Anna Tilto n (d. 1759); Benjamin Prescott m. 1st Robie Sanborn;Joseph Fellows m. 1754 Margaret Webster ; John Hoyt m. 1st 1745 MerriamCurrier (1728-87); Jonathan Collins m. 1751 Elizabeth Prescot t (b. 1733).
6. Stephen Webster m. Rachel Stevens (d. 1754).
Sherburne Tilton (1735-1813) served 1776 as private in Capt. DavidQuimby's company, Colone l Wingate's regiment, New Hampshire troops. Hewas born in Kensington, N. H.; died in Wheeloc k, Vt.
Joshua French (1752-83) served as corporal in Capt. Philip Tilton'scompany, Col. Enoch Poor' s regiment, 1775. He was born in Kingston, N. H.
Stephen Webster (1717-98) was chairman of the Committee of Safety ofPlymouth, N. H., 1777. H e was born in Candia, N. Y.; died in Plymouth,N. H.
Stephen Webster, Jr. (1741-88) served as sergeant in the New Hampshiretroops from Plymouth.
Samuel Heath (1754-1833) received a pension in Grafton County, N. H., forservice as privat e in Massachusetts and New Hampshire troops, 1775-78.He was born in Plaistow; died in Bristo l, N. H.
Daniel Morse (1745-1826) served as corporal in Capt. Samuel Johnson'scompany, 1777. He was b orn in Newbury, Mass.; died in Bridgewater, N. H.
Daniel Sanborn (1728-1812) served as private in Capt. Simon Marston'scompany, Col. Joseph Se nter's regiment, New Hampshire troops.
Benjamin Prescott (1708-89) was a member of the Committee of Safety;signed the Association T est, 1776. He was born in Kensington, N. H.;died in Winthrop, Maine.
John Mitchell (1744-1816) was a member of the Committee of Safety, 1777.He was born in Londo nderry; died in Bridgewater, N. H.
Joseph Fellows (1729-1811) served in Capt. James Osgood's company,Colonel Bedel's regiment o f New Hampshire militia. He was born inSalisbury, Mass.; died in Andover, N. H.
Also No. 103929.
Benjamin Fellows was a private in the Continental Army from Newburyport,Mass. He was born i n Kingston, N. H.
Ebenezer Clifford (1746-1833) signed the Association Test of Salisbury,N. H., 1776. He was b orn in Kensington; died in Alexandria, N. H.
Jonathan Brown (1746-1829) was a signer of the Association Test ofCandia, N. H.
[p.99] John Hoyt (1720-1807) was captain of Massachusetts militia. He wasborn and died in Am esbury, Mass.
Jonathan Collins signed the Association Test. He was born in Kingston, N.H.
William Copeley, NEW HAMPSHIRE RECORDS, VOL II, Heritage BooksInc,, pg 705-707
Gazetteer of Grafton County, NH 1709-1886 -Alexandria
Compiled & published by Hamilton Child 1886

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     Gravestone at Rhoades Cemetery, Alexandria, NH~~